Brazing Metallurgies and Processes for Attaching Sintered Carbide Tiles

A two-year study on brazing technologies used for sintered tungsten carbide tiles is proposed to address the following technical objectives: 1) brazing metallurgy for sintered tungsten carbide and substrate high strength steel, 2) adherence mechanisms between different braze compositions and carbide tiles, 3) brazing parameters for optimized brazed joint performance, and 4) the mechanical stresses developed through the brazing process. The goals of the project will be 1) a full understanding of the current technologies used to braze carbide tiles, and 2) recommendations for the selection of braze metallurgies for optimum brazed tungsten carbide performance. The findings in this project will be used as a foundation for a guideline on brazing technologies. InnoTech Alberta, our funding partner, will use the findings to oil companies and equipment manufactures, leading to increased durability and reliability of mining equipment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Leijun Li


Rangasayee Kannan;Nitin Kumar Sharma


InnoTech Alberta Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological





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