Broken Promises: Museum Exhibit Development during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Broken Promises is the capstone output of Landscapes of Injustice, a multi-year, intersectoral project exploring the dispossession of Japanese Canadians during the 1940s. The project illustrates the violation of human and civil rights at a time of perceived insecurity; measures taken in the name of national defence; the enduring harm of mass displacement, and loss of home and property; and human resilience. The traveling exhibit is one of the major research outputs of the project. Adapting to new requirements for museums during Covid-19, this research will enable the launch of the LOI museum exhibit at the Nikkei Museum in September 2020, by developing interactive displays in line with new museum guidelines, and innovative digital resources that extend the reach of our exhibit. Working with the Nikkei National Museum, and University of Victoria, this project advances knowledge on this important history, and represents new research on museums adapting to Covid-19.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jordan Stanger-Ross


Yasmin Amaratunga Railton


Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre




Arts, entertainment and recreation


University of Victoria



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