Buckling Analysis of Hybrid Composite-Metallic Stiffened Structures

In order to reduce the structural weight and operating cost of the aircraft, hybrid structures composed of composite skins and metallic sub-structures are commonly used as components of the wing and fuselage. The skin temperature change of the aircraft during takeoff and landing causes different amounts of deformation in composite and metallic materials due to their difference in thermal expansion properties. This induces internal loads in such hybrid structures, which need to be considered together with the flight loads when evaluating the structure’s stability. This project aims to analyze the buckling behavior of hybrid composite-metallic stiffened structures under combined thermal and mechanical loading conditions. A fast and reliable computational tool will be developed to assist the design of such hybrid stiffened structures in Bombardier. The developed model and analytical methods will also be applied for similar structures on other commercial and business aircrafts in Bombardier.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frederick Gosselin


Shibo Zou


Bombardier Aeronautic Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense




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