Budget impact analysis for single stage breast implantation reconstruction in women with a mastectomy

Women with breast cancer often undergo mastectomy, or removal of the breast. Afterwards, they may elect to reconstruct their breast using one of several methods. One of these methods is by implantation with a permanently adjustable prosthesis which may show a smaller budgetary impact. This project will estimate the budgetary impact to the government or hospital with a Mentor Spectrum permanently adjustable prosthesis, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Medical Companies, in post-mastectomy women under a scenario of projected future use, using epidemiological, economic and preference estimates on the use of breast implantation with a permanently adjustable prosthesis. This will benefit the Johnson & Johnson Medical Companies by providing valuable information to be used show a hospital or the government any budgetary impact.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Daria O’Reilly


Julian Nam


Johnson & Johnson Medical Companies




Life sciences


McMaster University



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