Building a Digital Development Readiness Tool with Indigenous Communities

This project will develop a new tool to identify strengths and needs in communities. This tool will be designed for and designed with Indigenous communities. This project will be a partnership between an Indigenous tech company, Function Four, and a research team at the University of Winnipeg. F4 already has and digital community assessment tool and the team will build on this tool to create the comprehensive assessment tool. This tool will assess areas that include community infrastructure, food production, health, and sovereign wealth development in Indigenous communities. To develop the community assessment tool, the research team will engage Indigenous communities and leaders in all of the design and research stages. The outcome of this project will be a community assessment tool and process that is tailored for and respectful of Indigenous communities and culture.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Bullock


Wayne Kelly


Function Four


Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Winnipeg



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