Building an active learning module to accelerate the validation and qualification of image-based biomarkers for blinding eye disease

Computer vision and artificial intelligence provide unprecedented opportunities to realize new image-based biomarkers with the potential to drive precision drug development and personalized medicine; particularly in degenerative disease of eye and brain, where tissue sampling is not possible and where no treatments exists. This research project will deploy AI models for multiple tasks including segmentation, classification, anomaly identification and disease progression estimates taken from ophthalmic data collections across multiple clinics. Results of this project will provide the partner with critical human-machine interface to facilitate collaboration within and between clinical sites to enhance expert curation/annotation. The ability to identify unique patient subpopulations will allow improvements to drug development and clinical care.

Faculty Supervisor:

Filiberto Altomare;Ali Khan


Nikhil Patil


Tracery Ophthalmics Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services




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