Building Information Model for the Automation of Residential Design and Construction

This research project will automate construction drawings for wood framing designs and apply them on site to residential facilities under construction by Landmark Master Builder. By utilizing 3D modelling, the intern will produce automatically-generated sets of construction drawings that can be easily read and understood by carpenters and framers who assemble wall panels, thus eliminating the drafting time involved in such operations. The intern will also provide an exact take-off list of materials required for construction and an optimization model. This model will generate cutting lists that will inform carpenters and framers which lumber lengths to use and how to cut them in order to minimize waste. The model will be developed based on linear programming and will derive a solution from many cut lists with minimal waste value.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein


Juan D. Manrique


Landmark Master Builder




Construction and infrastructure


University of Alberta



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