Building on the Understanding of Business Processes Related to Service Provisioning and Service Assurance at Bell Canada

The main goal of this project will be a key contribution to the implementation of the Six Sigma methodology to the service provisioning and service assurance of Bell’s business customers. Six Sigma is an organized and systematic problem-solving method for strategic system improvement and new product and service development. It relies on statistical methods and an approach which dramatically reduces customer-defined defect rates and/or improves key output variables. This methodology will be used to reduce costs and increase profits. Defects may be related to any aspect of customer satisfaction: high product quality, schedule adherence or cost minimization. The primary goal of Six Sigma is to improve customer satisfaction and thereby profitability, by reducing and eliminating defects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jose Garrido


Alberto Ivan Mendoza Martinez


Bell Canada




Information and communications technologies


Concordia University



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