Building the capacity of mainstream services to support newcomers to Alberta

Canada welcomes approximately 300,000 immigrants and refugees each year. In order for these newcomers to be successful in Canada, it is important that service providers are able to support the unique needs and contributions of this diverse population. This research is aimed at understanding how specific service providers support immigrant and refugee clients. This includes focusing on sectors that are not traditionally viewed as immigrant-serving organizations, such as the health care, criminal justice, child welfare and family violence sectors. The MITACS intern will work with one of Alberta’s largest immigrant serving organizations, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) to better understand the role that these sectors play in supporting newcomers to Alberta. This internship will produce two beneficial research reports for CCIS to help them work more effectively with these other organizations, in turn improving the outcomes for immigrants and refugees in Alberta.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Hiebert


Bronwyn Bragg


Calgary Catholic Immigration Society


Geography / Geology / Earth science




University of British Columbia



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