Building the Case for Sustainable Forestry in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia forests boast the second highest private ownership rate in Canada, with almost 3 of 4.5 million hectares owned by 30,000 woodlot owners and private corporations. Because of this, forest management practices vary widely. Though the Nova Scotian forests traditionally consist of large, mature, unevenly aged trees that support both important biodiversity and a thriving forest sector, mismanagement of these forests for decades has led to a decline of the forests and the rural communities that depend on them. This project will identify potential policies, tools, and/or programs that will overcome the barriers faced by private woodlot owners to enacting forest management practices that enable both environmental and community prosperity. Ecotrust works with communities to increase sustainable forest management practices and developing economic solutions that generate greater social, cultural, ecological, and financial outcomes in communities. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Nancy Olewiler


Sydney Jordan


Ecotrust Canada


Public administration






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