Building the Evaluation Capacity of the Alberta Mentoring Partnership

This Mitacs project will support the Alberta Mentoring Partnership in building evaluation capacity across the province of Alberta for their affiliated organizations. The Mitacs intern will engage AMP decision makers in the development of the project, the creation and delivery of two online evaluation capacity workshops for mentoring organizations, the development and delivery of a 6-month learning opportunity for organizations, and knowledge mobilization about the project. This project provides the AMP partner organizations with the resources they need to monitor the impacts of their work, the effectiveness of their funding, and the achievement of their goals. By participating in this project, we will build their capacity to assess the impacts of their work on children, youth and families, collect evidence about the progress of their work, and provide evidence that can be used to refine the projects of AMP to better meet the needs of schools and youth serving agencies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rebecca Gokiert


Chelsea Freeborn


Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton and Area





University of Alberta



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