Business Modeling for Fisheries Monitoring at Ecotrust Canada

In the past, Canada’s fisheries have been improperly managed, which has led to overfishing and general downturn of fisheries economics. Because of this, the federal government has mandated that all fisheries be monitored to ensure that the proper regulations and quotas are being followed. Recently, the onus for this monitoring has been transferred to the fisheries themselves and they are finding it costly and overwhelming. Ecotrust Canada is designing a new, less expensive and more user-friendly monitoring system and is currently testing it out in Northern BC as well as in Maine. The intern will evaluate the work that has already been done from a business perspective, and will use a holistic research perspective to design a business plan so that the new system can be released on a larger scale in 2014.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. David Dunne


Joanna Kipp


Ecotrust Canada




Environmental industry


Simon Fraser University



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