Business Planning for Social Enterprises


As part of the research the intern will be involved in the development of a new business venture based on an operating pilot progamme related to fisheries tracking. There are two objectives. First, detailed research in specific sections of the project’s business plan and secondly, finalizing the business plan for the new venture. Among the goals of this project is to identify some standard practices and policies that can further support the organization’s procedures going forward. The organization will benefit from an international perspective and of course from the knowledge that the intern gained through his MBA programme. Last but not least, during the MBA program the intern had the opportunity of working in several projects on both Sustainability and New Ventures as the professors collaborated and brought some client based projects that could bring not only knowledge but also ideas during the development of a business model and ultimately a new business venture.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. David Hannah


George Chatzivasileiou


Ecotrust Canada




Fisheries and wildlife


Simon Fraser University



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