Business Process Improvement and Customer Satisfaction

Bombardier, a leading manufacturer of both planes and trains in the world, has become a major contributor to Canada’s economy. Facing today’s competitive market, Bombardier aims to retain existing customers and attract new customers through operational transformation, which focuses on continuous improvement in its internal operational efficiency.
The application encompasses two projects that center around continuous process improvement. The first project is related to Special Attention Plan (SAP)-enabled process standardization, and aims to increase the number of SAPs in the Bombardier Regional Support Offices (RSO) to improve reliability and cost performance. The second project intends to address the existing logbook management process which is manual, time
consuming, inaccurate, and error-prone, resulting in long turnaround times for airline customers and jeopardizing airlines’ ability to solve technical problems in a timely fashion.
By identifying feasible solutions to improve the two processes, the application will help Bombardier increase customer satisfaction and drive sales.

Faculty Supervisor:

Linying Dong


Guneet Pal Arneja


Bombardier Aerospace




Aerospace and defense




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