Business Technology Management (BTM) Body of Knowledge (BOK)

Business Technology Management (BTM) is a rapidly emerging trans-disciplinary research area and professional discipline in Business Administration. It seeks to provide an integrated framework for the strategic use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the digital transformation of organizations. This research project will develop the first BTM Body of Knowledge (BOK) and provide a systematic, exhaustive, and evolving framework for professional practice standards. An innovative Semantic Web application will be developed to enable a highly structured and well-indexed contents. It will help make BTM job knowledge easily accessible, customizable, and reusable for decision-making by professionals, employers, higher education, and other associations involved with IT-related standards, certification, and accreditation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stéphane Gagnon


Sylvia Andriamaharosoa, Jamal Ghebli, Shankar Iyer, Issam Talha, Beatriz Torres, Miloud Eloumri, Peiwen Gao, Moufid Jarada, Guillaume Marquis, Lily Murariu


Information Technology Association of Canada




Information and communications technologies




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