But I Thought I had Asthma – Now What? Assessing the Feasibility of a Treatment Program for Patients with Functional Dyspnea

The medical team at the Asthma Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario is dedicated to providing the best care for its patients. Extensive investigations at the clinic have revealed that many patients present with functional dyspnea, the experience of breathlessness without an identifiable cause. Despite its undetectable organic pathology, those affected by functional dyspnea have a decreased quality of life. Unfortunately, the medical sphere is ill-equipped to provide treatment for patients whose symptoms do not have an identifiable origin. As such, physicians are left frustrated and disappointed with their inability to treat their patients. Both patient and physician frustrations, however, may be alleviated through a better understanding of the patients themselves and the barriers for effective treatment. As such, through a series of patient questionnaires, this study will examine the factors that motivate patients with functional dyspnea to seek treatment with the intention to use this information to guide further treatment and program planning for a tertiary care asthma centre.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Leora C. Swartzman


Naomi Gryfe


St. Joseph’s Health Care London Asthma Centre




Life sciences


Western University



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