By the North with the North: Community Building in Northern Saskatchewan

This research project will be conducted through internship research by students in the Master in Northern Governance and Development (MNGD). The MNGD is a project-based, interdisciplinary program meant to build capacity among northerners in northern Saskatchewan through a blended delivery model including face-to-face, videoconferencing, online and international field school instruction. The 2013-2014 internship research project will contribute to the MNGD graduate students’ research through the examination of community-based responses to rapid change and the development of the local capacity to respond. The project will evaluate the current and potential capacity of northern stakeholders to engage in relationships and implement processes, policies and practices that build resilient and sustainable communities. This analysis will function at the community, and multi-community levels, and thus, will be informed by their values and interests. Specifically, the objectives of this research cluster are to: assess current community-based, capacity-building programs; explore the viability of implementing new programs; evaluate the overall significance and prevalence of self-reliance and local ownership of community development; and evaluate the strategies for adapting, adjusting and accommodating to rapid change and identified risk factors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Greg Poelzer, Ken Coates, Lorna Butler & Robert Patrick


Helen Ben, Donald Bear, Mikhail Vinokurov, Simon Bird, Blake Charles, Alana Gardiner, Frances Goulet, Clifford McKenzie, Tuiara Sivtceva, Walter Smith, Brandon White, Connie Cheecham, Shavonne Custer, Jennifer Roberts


Cameco Corporation




Environmental industry


University of Saskatchewan



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