Cable Simulation Methods Using Nonlinear Finite Elements

Cable systems play an important role in many large scale simulation applications. Examples include marine systems, mining machinery, and cranes. The high fidelity and efficient modelling and simulation of these systems can enhance the applications and usability dynamic modelling environments. In this project we particularly target to develop models and efficient algorithms based on nonlinear finite element representation of the cables in largescale multibody simulation models. We will investigate core modeling and implementation aspects that are directly related to practical applications. The partner organization, CMLabs will greatly benefit from this project. The proposed work is of direct relevance to their current work, can have applications in many projects, and will also open up possibilities to broaden the applications of CMLabs’ software platform Vortex.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jozsef Kövecses


Mohammad Jalali Mashayekhi


CMLabs Simulations Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Digital media


McGill University



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