Calibrating static errors in Adaptive Optics systems for Extremely Large Telescopes

The proposed research project involves calibrating an Adaptive Optics system – a technology that essentially corrects telescopes for the changing atmosphere so that the ‘twinkling’ is taken out of stars. This technology has become increasingly complex, an example being the proposed instrument called NFIRAOS that will be built by Canada for the future Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). The increased complexity of this technology requires that small internal errors in the system be corrected for; I have developed a technique to do this and would like to further enhance my methods at Laboratoire d’Astrophysice de Marseille (LAM) in France. This institution is home to researchers who are world-leading experts in my field and could provide valuable insight in how to improve my methods. The researchers at LAM work with the European version of the TMT, therefore working with them to improve both of our calibration methods will enhance the collaboration between the European and North American
astronomical community.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Andersen


Masen Lamb



Physics / Astronomy



University of Victoria


Globalink Research Award

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