Calibration of a Novel Orifice Plate Flow-meter

Accurate measurements of mass flow rate in a pipe is crucial to virtually every industrial process where a fluid is moved from place to place. The velocity measured in a pipe is often determined by measuring the pressure drop over an orifice plate. Once this orifice plate is properly calibrated, the velocity and in turn, the mass flow through the pipe can be calculated. A downside of the orifice plates is that the plates need to be calibrated. Proper calibration of the orifice plate is essential so that that mass flow rate can be accurately predicted using the pressure drop measurements. KO designs has a developed a novel orifice plate flow meter in which the orifice area can be precisely varied. This means that the flow meter can operate over a much wider range of flow velocities and should be the flow meter of choice for applications which have large changes in flow rate. The intern will design and build a facility suitable for calibrating these flow meters and then perform the calibrations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joseph Hall


Mahdi Hosseinali


KO Design Inc


Engineering - mechanical




University of New Brunswick



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