Can a neuromuscular training insole alter low back muscular and postural responses?

Back posture and muscle activation are effected by the alignment and behaviour of jointsbelow: the hip, knee, ankle, and foot. Neuromuscular training insoles use disruptive technology to change how the feet respond to interactions with the ground. If such an insole can improve the foot's ability to sense orientation/position and the required stabilization for normal and effective gait, it may be able to improve the performance of joints in the chain above. The proposed research will quantify activation in key muscles in the back, abdomen, pelvis, and legs (using surface electromyography), force plates, and three-dimensional motion profiles during standing, walking, and simulated work tasks in men and women. Measures will be taken before and after eight weeks of insole use. This research is expected to be very valuable to our partner in terms of product validation, research-based re-designs, and in the development of new products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Janessa DM Drake


Brendan Cotter & Alison Schinkel-Ivy


Barefoot Science Products and Services Inc.




Life sciences


York University



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