Can Learning Catalytics Replace Clickers?

Classroom response tools such as the ‘clicker’ are devices that students use in class to answer multiple-choice questions. Many studies have shown that clickers can lead to increased learning when properly used. Learning Catalytics is a new web-based tool marketed by Pearson that is meant to replace clickers. While Learning Catalytics offers more features than clickers there are also concerns which must be addressed: 1) Does the use of a web-based tool lead to more distraction in class (texting, facebook)? 2) Is Learning Catalytics as efficient as clickers in supporting students’ learning? 3) Are the new features that Learning Catalytics offers beneficial for student learning? The project will address these questions by comparing classes that use clickers to classes that use Learning Catalytics. The level of distraction and the students’ performance will be measured.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Joss Ives


Fatemeh Rostamzadeh Renani


Pearson Education Canada


Physics / Astronomy




University of British Columbia



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