Canadian Clubhouse Outcomes Study: Assessing the Impact of Psychosocial Recovery from Mental Illness

Psychosocial rehabilitation is service that supports recovery from mental illness by providing opportunities for skill development, self-determination, and social interaction. One type of psychosocial rehabilitation is the Clubhouse model. Clubhouses provide individuals living with mental illness opportunities to successfully live and work in their communities through a variety of programs and services. The purpose of the present project is to evaluate five accredited Clubhouses in Canada, in order to assess whether these services are meeting the needs of members and whether members are achieving expected outcomes. This 3-year longitudinal study seeks to recruit a total 400 members, who will be followed for 24 months during their involvement in services from the Clubhouses. The results will provide the Clubhouses with valuable information as to how their services are affecting members. This information will be used to inform future programming and will assist in the Clubhouses obtaining funding.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kelly McShane


Christina Mutschler


Progress Place




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