Canadian youth’s awareness of the negative consequences of various drugs: Results from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse’s Baseline Youth Awareness Survey

The purpose of the proposed research is to analyze the baseline data from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse's (CCSA) Youth Awareness Survey to provide descriptive information about key beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of Canadian youth aged 10 to 24 years. An important objective is to focus on the self-reported substance use behaviours and perceptions of harm associated with substance use for very young Canadians (eg aged 10 – 13 years). The research will directly feed into the evaluation of the CCSA's Drug Prevention Strategy fo Canada's Youth. Tihs work will also assist in raising the CCSA's profile as an authority on substance use behaviours and attitudes among Canadian preadolescent youth as there is currently no other Canadian data of this kind.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bernadette Campbell


Fatima Kazoun


Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse





Carleton University



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