Canadian Zeolites for Integrated Desalination, Nutrient Recovery and Bioremediation

Natural Canadian zeolite is an attractive mineral for the restoration of lands disturbed by the extraction of natural resources such as metals, oil and gas. Dr. Wonjae Chang’s Environmental Engineering Lab developed a dualmineral prototype, using Canadian zeolites, for the desalination of potash brine-impacted water. Dr. Chang also demonstrated the significant accumulation of residual potassium in the mineral adsorbents following multiple desalination cycles for potash brine-impacted water. In collaboration with ZMM® Canada Minerals Crop. and using newly mined Canadian zeolite species, this research will further develop the mineral-based desalination cycles for potash brine as well as integrate them with nutrient recovery to assess the feasibility of using recovered nutrient-enriched minerals for the bioremediation of soils impacted by oil and gas production. Through this waste-to-valuables process using zeolites, potash mine waste products may ultimately be beneficial to oilfield soil remediation. This research will expand the life cycles, end-users and applicability of ZMM® zeolites for environmental technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wonjae Chang


Brandon Stoner


ZMM Canada Minerals Corp


Engineering - civil



University of Saskatchewan



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