Cannabinoid ligand in vitro drug screening

Current treatments for pain and inflammation have substantial side effects which limit their use and thus clinical effectiveness. Panag, is a Halifax based drug company which focuses on development of novel therapeutic treatments which can be applied topically to alleviate both pain and inflammation. These compounds are synthetic derivatives of plant-based molecules from the Cannabis sativa plant which have proven to be advantageous in treating pain and inflammation in animal models. Although the outcome of these tests have been positive, additional drug screening in cells must be conducted in order to fully understand the mechanism of action of these treatments. The intern will learn valuable research skills working on studying the cellular mechanisms of drugs, while Panag will gain insight into how their treatments are working.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eileen Denovan-Wright


James Thomas Toguri


Panag Pharma Inc


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




Dalhousie University



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