Cannabis Access Regulations Study (CANARY)

The CANARY study is a patient-centered assessment of the impact of the regulatory changes regarding access to cannabis for medical purposes in Canada. The study is the first to offer patients? perspectives regarding their experience of access to medical cannabis after the implementation of the new federal regulations that have created a decentralized competitive
national market for medical cannabis through the licensing of commercial producers. Through a nation-wide survey and interviews, the study will shed light on who is and who is not accessing the legal system of medical cannabis, and why. This valuable data will assist health professionals, policy-makers and medical cannabis providers to be responsive to the needs of Canadians who are using cannabis to manage their health conditions. As an industry association, the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries will use the results of this study to inform dispensary best practices and the development of regulations for dispensaries.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lynda Balneaves


Rielle Capler


Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries








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