Cannabis, Mindfulness and Yoga

Cannabis-enhanced yoga known as “Ganja Yoga” is an ancient practice that is burgeoning in North America, providing opportunities for both the cannabis industry and the yoga industry. While there is an accumulation of anecdotal reports regarding Ganja Yoga, there is yet to be research conducted on this topic. Delineating the prevalence, motives, mechanisms, risks, and benefits of Ganja Yoga can inform health practitioners, the yoga industry, and the cannabis industry as this practice continues to proliferate amidst permissive changes to the legal landscape. This study will utilize 3 phases including a survey, observational study, and an administration study. All phases will investigate cannabis as a mechanism to decrease barriers to accessing yoga, effects of the practice on health and well-being, and effects on mindfulness.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zachary Walsh


Sarah Daniels


DOJA Cannabis Ltd




Medical devices




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