Capacity planning at sureshot dispensing systems

AC Dispensing is one of Nova Scotia’s most progressive companies. It has invested in state of the art metal cutting equipment and sophisticated manufacturing planning and scheduling software. This project will assist AC Dispensing in developing mathematical models that will enhance their capabilities in planning production to meet customer demand. The work will involve data modelling, forecasting, mathematical optimization and simulation. The aim is to extend the planning process to medium term issues that allow the company to manage inventory, part purchasing lead times, and customer fulfillment commitments.

AC Dispensing has invested in state of the art manufacturing equipment and manufacturing control software to improve productivity in the manufacturing process of their innovative dispensing equipment. This project will develop mathematical models and simulation and optimization approaches to assist management with forecasting, planning and controlling their inventories, production schedules and customer fulfillment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Eldon Gunn


Sina Raeisi


A.C. Dispensing Equipment Ltd.






Dalhousie University



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