Carbon dioxide: Alternative solutions for conversion of captured liquefied CO2 into valuable fuels – Year two

The partner organisation, Sigma Energy Storage, develops energy storage by gas compression. This technology is based on the storage of electricity from intermittent energy sources, such as wind or solar power, and the recovery of unused electricity from diesel-based power sources located in remote communities not connected to the electrical power grid system. During the gas compression, carbon dioxide can be liquefied and extracted. The proposed project aims to convert CO2 into valuable fuels through electrochemical process. The generated fuels would be re-used to fuel generators and other devices in order to decrease greenhouse gases emissions. Catalysts made of graphene and metal nanoparticles are studied to make the CO2 conversion feasible at an industrial level. The project will benefit Sigma by providing a solution to the captured CO2 through its process.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Luc Meunier


Ulrich Legrand


Sigma Energy Storage


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy




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