Cardiac sensor to detect changes in heart dysfunction related to COVID-19 virus

Recent research has confirmed the lethal effects of the COVID-19 virus on the heart, and thus the proposed research will use a cardiac sensor called seismocardiography to assess the mechanical function of the heart in patients with respiratory and cardiac pathology, as well as in normal-healthy aging patients, to assist in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment regime for patients with COVID-19. The cardiac sensor can measure and record how the heart is contracting and relaxing with every heartbeat. If there are complications in the heart, the timing events of the heart will be affected, and the cardiac sensor device will detect these changes from normal heart function. This research will assist LLA Technologies Inc., to enter the global market to commercialize their cardiac sensor, and become a leader in Canada and globally for cardiac diagnostics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patrick Neary


Jyotpal Singh


LLA Technologies Inc






University of Regina



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