Casting and Production of HT9 for Advanced Reactor Fuel Cladding

In recent years there has been renewed interest in nuclear power for the purposes of combating climate change. ARC Nuclear’s ARC-100 reactor design requires extensive research and development to deploy a prototype. Significant effort is needed to develop the materials to be used in the reactor’s core. HT9 is a specialty steel alloy which has shown some promising results in the past and therefore has been selected for use in the ARC-100. The main objective of this project is to manufacture a batch of HT9 and test its properties, to ensure that it can withstand the environment of a nuclear reactor core. This knowledge will allow ARC Nuclear to make an informed choice: whether they should use HT9 and begin its commercial production; or, pursue different materials instead.

Faculty Supervisor:

William Cook


John Flood


ARC Nuclear Canada Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of New Brunswick



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