Catalyst development and characterization for microwave reactors

Hydrogen is a clean energy and its demand continues to rise rapidly in recent years. While hydrogen can be produced at low cost at large scale, the significant cost and complexity of distribution significantly increases its cost when used in smaller quantities in the emerging fuel cell electric vehicle market. Microwave technology is an alternative technology to produce hydrogen on-site, on-demand, which is right for cost effective small-scale minimal emissions. This proposed project is to develop a robust catalyst for microwave-assisted hydrogen production. It will not only help Canada to produce on-site clean hydrogen energy that can be used in remote regions and to reduce emissions, but also assist the industrial partner to promote its competitiveness in the relevant market. In addition, a highly qualified personnel (HQP) will be trained in an industrial-oriented setting.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ying Zheng


Shima Masoumi


Nuionic Technologies


Engineering - chemical / biological




Western University


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