CCHP multi-criteria optimization in a bottom-up, decentralized control system with top-down centralized objective and query based control

ElectroMotion Energy has created an all in one AC, heating, hot water, and electricity unit to serve industrial and residential needs. This unit requires optimization algorithms and an advanced control system to optimize performance of the deployed unit around multiple objectives. These objectives consist of: meeting onsite electricity demands, meeting on site heating or AC demands, taking advantage of economical times to sell power to the grid, and to assist the municipal grids in providing electricity during peak demands. The units will decide itself how to act, but will communicate with “supervisor” units to receive guidance on how to help take stress off the municipal grids. This control strategy is the reverse of most conventional systems and may provide a better basis for multi-criteria optimization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Homayoun Najjaran


Brandon Robertson


ElectroMotion Energy Corporation


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies




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