CCREST: Cold Cracking by Resonance Energy for Sustainable Technologies – Phase 2

Did you know that Partial Upgrading of bitumen and heavy oil can boost Alberta and Canada’s economy? The most cost effective high volume mode for transporting crude oil over land is by pipeline and most Alberta bitumen moves on the existing pipeline network. Viscosity maxima and API gravity minima are specified by pipeline companies to ensure efficient operations and maximize movement of heavy oil from Alberta. To satisfy these specifications, Alberta bitumen and heavy oil must be diluted by diluent, which reports as a cost to the bitumen producer. This project proposes concrete solution to the heavy oil/bitumen producers who face severe challenges to treat and transport their products to the market as well as refineries with low value, heavy products which have difficulties with converting into higher value products. It introduces a patented novel technology that uses an economic and green methodology to partially upgrade heavy oil and bitumen products that facilitates their transportation and further upgrading process.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohtada Sadrzadeh


Hafez Balavi


Advanced Energy Technologies


Engineering - mechanical



University of Alberta


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