CCREST: Cold Cracking by Resonance Energy for Sustainable Technologies – Year two

The project is a demonstration of Advanced Energy Technologies (AET)’s patented refining process for upgrading heavy oil products without diluent or extreme heat treatments. This produces lighter, higher value oil that is easier to work with throughout the process stream, with greater efficiency and less cost. AET will be conducting demonstration runs of the Hydrogen Activator Technology (HAT) on Albertan feedstock, partnering with local oil companies to secure heavy oils, bitumen and refinery residues. The initial objective is to have a final, robust technology package, consisting of the HAT device and the resonance cold-cracking mechanism, that is validated, certified, demonstrated and ready for commercialization by the end of December 2018. The company also intends to improve its knowledge of the science behind the HAT technology by refining the testing process to achieve consistent, reproducible results under local conditions with local Alberta feedstock. Such results will help provide reliable, quantifiable benefits to support commercialization efforts. Successful demonstration of the HAT with a variety of feedstock and the subsequent deeper grasp of the basic science behind the process will lay the groundwork for further development efforts with a Sulfur Activator Technology (SAT) and a Carbon Activator Technology (CAT) , currently in development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohtada Sadrzadeh


Hafez Balavi


Advanced Energy Technologies


Engineering - civil



University of Alberta



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