Centre for Operations Excellence Industry Projects 2016

The Centre for Operations Excellence Industry Projects consists of eight sub-projects sponsored by four different industry partners. Each sub-project represents an important challenge for its sponsor. These sub-projects include studying alternative models of service delivery for passengers with reduced mobility at an airport, capacity analysis for various cross-functional team design concepts at Boeing, optimizing the scheduling of custodial activities for building operations services, developing a model of the CBSA process to optimize passenger flow through Canada customs at an airport, using data science to improve user experience of Boeing-AeroInfo’s Airplane Health Management system, using modeling to develop an airport congestion risk index for Boeing-AeroInfo, developing text analytics techniques to enable WorkSafeBC to predict and prevent workplace accidents; improving dispatching and production rates with stochastic simulation modeling for Silver Standard’s mining operations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Harish Krishnan


Andy Chen


Silver Standard Resources Inc


Operations research


Aerospace and defense


University of British Columbia



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