Centre for Operations Excellence Industry Projects 2019

The Centre for Operations Excellence Industry Projects 2019 consists of seven sub-projects sponsored by five different industry partners. Each sub-project represents an important challenge for its sponsor. These sub-projects include Extracting data from unstructured text of NOTAMs to assess relevance (Boeing 1), Developing a fix effectiveness engine to perform data-driven predictive maintenance (Boeing 2), Initial Claim Routing Rules Optimization for Worksafe BC (WSBC), , Optimizing Production of Clean Coal Products for Teck Resources (Teck), A Data Driven approach to Comparing Site Costs and Evaluating Cost Performance for Teck Resources (Teck), Developing personalized rewards to increase emotional loyalty among London Drugs LD Extras members (London Drugs), and Authority: Rate Setting and Workforce Planning Scenario Analyser (Pacific Pilotage Authority)

Faculty Supervisor:

Steven Shechter


Apurv Tyag;Ximeng (Ivy) Zhou;Jianqiao (Jake) Zhang;Qiuyue (Lola) Jiang;Rajat Dubey;Tim Burger;Utkarsh Misra;Kemal Baris Tan;Wei Cheng (Bert) Li;Hsiu-Chieh (Beryl) Lee;Yibai (Beth) Li;Chengyu (Doris) Liu;Hasti Hosseinizand;Kaushik Mukherjee;Nuo (Stephan) X


Teck Resources Limited




Information and cultural industries


University of British Columbia



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