Centre for Operations Excellence Summer Internship Cluster 2013

The COE Summer Internship Cluster consists of seven sub-projects sponsored by six different industry partners. Each sub-project represents an important challenge for its sponsor. These subprojects include understanding predictors of service variation and of return-to-work outcomes within the Physiotherapy program at WorkSafeBC; scheduling at Tree Island Industries; optimization of work flow for a set of activities for Telus; developing a technique for calculating and visualizing flight delay risk based on an analysis of data on past flight disruptions for AeroInfo; scheduling home care nurses and allied health professionals for Fraser Health; developing a simulation model of portering operations at a Fraser Health hospital to test the consequences on service delivery associated with centralizing or decentralizing; and analysing passenger movement through YVR airport in order to identify problem areas where passenger processing time can be reduced.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Derek Atkins


Melissa Lee, Alex Akulov, Amanda Yuen, Jan Schnider, Raluca Mic, Rene Lagos, Sandy Pan & Victor Rios







University of British Columbia



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