CFD Analysis of the Microsys Cold Gas Inflation System

Microsys is a Mississauga company that designs and sells specialized test equipment to airbag manufacturers worldwide. The Cold Gas Inflation System (CGS) allows these manufacturers to test the inflation characteristics of airbag systems in a simple, safe, and inexpensive manner. The CGS involves the rapid discharge of a compressed gas, which the company would like to better understand, in order to further develop this system. The proposed research is to use state-of-the-art flow simulation software to examine the flow in the CGS, to predict inflation rates and pressures, to assess the role of various geometric features within the CGS on the performance of the system, and ultimately to allow Microsys to improve its design and further distinguish its product from those of competitors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Markus Bussmann


Shongleng You


Concept Tech Group


Aerospace studies


Automotive and transportation


University of Toronto



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