CFD methodology for analysis of multiphase flow process

Oil that has passed through the bearings and gearboxes of aircraft engines is recycled by a specialized oil scavenging system that separates droplets dispersed from the shaft from air and particulate matter. This process helps to mitigate the emissions of aircraft engines, greatly improves oil consumption and Improves working life by improving the cooling capabilities of the lubrication system. Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations are used to design the oil-air separation process In order to maximize it’s efficiency, and therefore the challenging task of modelling the multi-phase behavior of the fluid mixture is a critical step in the design of the air-oil separation system. The study aims to establish an optimal methodology to maximize predictive accuracy of the performance parameters relevant to oil-air separation using computational fluid dynamics simulations, valid over a range of operating conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rosaire Mongrain


Hristo Valtchanov


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Engineering - mechanical




McGill University



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