CFD simulation of a gas turbine combustor

The work to be conducted in this internship consists of the transient numerical modeling of a combustion device using commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes. Validation of the various sub-models is required and once the final model is complete various design changes can be researched. The model will allow for variations in geometry, spray and

ignition characteristics and timing of the combustion device. The work will coincide with a current new engine project being carried out by the partner organization. The academic supervisors have a wealth of knowledge with combustion and fluid modeling and will serve to support the intern along with the partner organization in the completion of several tasks. In

completion the partner organization will have gained a useful combustion model and design insights while the intern will have gained valuable research experience. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Paul Walsh and Seth Dworkin


Levon Larson


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Aerospace studies


Aerospace and defense


Ryerson University



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