Changes in hydration status of elite Canadian sailors


Canadian Laser sailors have achieved tremendous international success in the last quadrennial and are poised to achieve even better results at the 2012 Olympics. To better support these athletes it is imperative that we improve our understanding of the changes that occur within the body during training and competition. Prolonged exercise is known to promote dehydration through sweating. As such, maintaining optimal hydration levels while training and competing is vital as a loss of just 1% of body water can impair mental and physical performance, which can directly affect results in competition. This project will determine the composition of athletes sweat, their sweat rate and changes in hydration status of elite Canadian Laser sailors while sailing in order to determine the optimal composition of a fluid replacement beverage and the rate that it should be consumed. Infinit is a leading company in customized hydration solutions for athletes. By working with Infinit we will be able to develop customized hydration solutions for our elite athletes, encouraging superior performances. Infinit will stand to gain product testing and new exposure to a large sporting market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Scott Thomas


Evan Lewis


Canadian Sport Centre


Human physical performance and recreation


Life sciences


University of Toronto



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