Characterization and application of multidimensional coherent imaging systems for monitoring and control of laser welding

Inline coherent imaging (ICI) may be used to take real-time one dimensional measurements of laser material processes such as industrial laser welding. Multidimensional coherent imaging and measurement of the vapour capillary (or ‘keyhole’) created during the welding process is a critical evolution of the technology for implementation in manufacturing production addressing many needs. This project will investigate and attempt to implement multidimensional ICI in an imaging system for real world applications. The aim is to systematically explore the parameter space of laser welding and ICI configurations to determine best practices and inform future generations of designs. The project involves: 1. Developing algorithms to quantitatively compare image quality; 2. search a multivariate parameter space of laser welding experiments and ICI scan alignments to identify trends and signal quality maxima. We expect to use these results to limit the useful range of numerical apertures of the imaging system and quantitatively determine the sensitivity of the signal to small perturbations in alignment at multiple weld conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. James Fraser


Christopher Galbraith


Laser Depth Dynamics


Physics / Astronomy




Queen's University



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