Characterization and Improvement of Interfacial Properties of Cathode Materials forRechargeable Hybrid Aqueous Batteries Year Two

A new aqueous rechargeable battery combining an intercalation cathode with a metal anode has been developed recently. The energy density for a prototype battery is comparable or superior to commercial 2 V rechargeable batteries. There is a need to further improve the cycle performance and to reduce self-discharge effects of this battery. In this proposed research, novel surface improvements will be applied to the cathode material to improve the overall electrochemical performance of the battery and to improve the stability of the cathode material. The combined performance attributes of this new rechargeable aqueous battery indicate that it constitutes a viable alternative to commercial lead-acid system and is suitable for large scale energy storage application. POSITEC Group Canada, based in Toronto, is the receptor of this research results. This knowledge will be employed in the ongoing battery scale up efforts to improve the design of the aqueous rechargeable battery.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Pu Chen


Sameh Saad




Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Waterloo



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