Characterization and Pelletization of Western Red Cedar Residue

The key objective of this research is to test the Refuse-Derived Fuel supplied by ICC and investigate parameters involved in making durable pellets from these residues. This will include conducting a series of pelletization tests with different mixture recipe, pre-conditioning of material as well as adding binders. The produced pellets will then be tested for their calorific value, chemical composition, chlorine content and ash content. ICC plans to convert RDF to heat, and electricity through gasification. To develop the technology, this research focuses on providing the optimum operating conditions to produce durable pellets for use in gasification systems. A successful project would allow ICC Group to provide such a system for conversion of waste to energy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahab Sokhansanj


Hamid Rezaei


Pacific BioEnergy Prince George Limited Partnership


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy




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