Characterization and Prediction of Cancer Drug Resistance Markers Based on Data Mining of Microarray Profiles

The internship will concern studying the role and impact of specific proteins (in particular tubulin) in cancer, and the identification of prognostic markers of cancer progression and predictors of cancer response to existing and new compounds (mainly based on microarray data analysis and protein structure prediction). This project will involve working on preparation of relevant datasets, characterization of cancer resistance markers based on computational analysis of microarray profiles of patients during various stages of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and computational analysis and prediction of tubulin structure. We will perform advanced computational analysis of biomedical data and will work in collaboration with the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. These activities are associated with the larger project undertaken at the Cross Cancer Institute, which aims at design, synthesis and test of a group of novel drugs for epithelial ovarian cancer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lukasz Kurgan


Ke Chen


Cross Cancer Institute




Life sciences


University of Alberta



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