Characterization, antibacterial mechanism and improvement of Kisolite Clay Year Two

Kisolite Clay, a unique BC clay, has been found to have healing properties for skin irritation and internal ailments. However, this clay is not well understood in terms of its chemical and physical properties and the mechanism underlying its antibacterial properties. During preliminary tests it was found that the pH and oxidation state of the Kisolite clay changed over time. The impact of these changes on antibacterial properties will be investigated. The proposed project will also investigate the relevance of different chemical/physical parameters on the antibacterial activity, and determine the antibacterial mechanism(s) of this clay. This will assist the company to understand the key properties of the clay and to discover whether there are measures which could enhance and maintain the antibacterial activity. Based on the results, the company should be in a better position to market and preserve the desired antibacterial activities in the future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Loretta Li


Wanjing Xu


Kisameet Glacial Clay Inc.


Engineering - civil


Natural resources


University of British Columbia



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