Characterization of a novel 3D-FML for submerged turbine application

The proposed research aims at increasing the efficacy of tidal turbines by incorporating light-weight and resilient blades into a currently used turbine. For that, a recently developed 3D fiber-metal-laminate (3D-FML) material at Dalhousie University will be used. In comparison to metals that are presently used to form blades, or potentially fiber-reinforced composites, the 3D-FML would facilitate lighter weight and greater specific strength and stiffness, in a cost-effective manner. The project will design the blade using the finite element method, and fabricate it using the vacuum-assisted hand layup method. Subsequently, the integrity of the blade will be examined using various instruments that will monitor its performance in an in-service like condition, achieved by testing the turbine in a large tank, with controlled flow velocity, using the Aquatron facilities of Dalhousie University.

Faculty Supervisor:

Farid Taheri


Davide De Cicco


Glas Ocean Electric


Engineering - mechanical






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