Characterization of a novel personal aerosol measurement device

Fine particulate air pollution is recognized as causing health problems globally, but health researchers are just starting to understand where people receive their exposure, which will influence policies and regulations. There is a need for size-resolved particle measurements using a device that can be carried easily by a person. Nanozen has built such a device, and it could be used also for workplace ventilation control. However, first the sensor response to a wide range of particle sizes and compositions must characterized. UBC’s Energy and Aerosols Laboratory has the equipment to generate and characterize particles for 10 nanometers to 15 microns in closed and open exposure chambers. A post-doctoral fellow who has just completed his thesis on fine particle measurement, will carry out this work. Beyond simple calibration, we will seek to understand the physics behind the instrument response, with the aim of improving the size and/or concentration limits.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steven Rogak


Alberto Baldelli


Nanozen Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Environmental industry




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